Lisa Konno

Lisa Konno

Designer and artist Lisa Konno (1992, NL) uses the medium of fashion to tell socially relevant stories. In 2015, Konno started to create collections out of textile waste to make a statement about the unethical practices in the fashion industry.

Recently, she has also started to use filmmaking as a way to construct a strong narrative for her collections. "Nobu & Baba" are two short portraits made in collaboration with director Sarah Blok. The work focuses on fathers who migrated to the Netherlands. Together, the films and collections explore topics such as cultural identity and migration. Her interdisciplinary approach allows her to be playful and create a fun aesthetic that demonstrates how fashion can tell human stories and not only be a seductive way of justifying society’s overconsumption.

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2021 ‘Global Wardrobe’,Kunstmuseum Den Haag, NL

2021 ‘Must See’, Zuiderzeemuseum, NL

2020 ‘Solo show’, Madé van Krimpen, Amsterdam NL

2019 ‘We’re in this together’, De Kerk Arnhem, Arnhem, NL

2018 ‘Cool Japan’, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, NL

2016 ‘COLLECT’ with Karin Vlug, Tokyo Design Week, JP