Booth 21 / Solo Klaas Rommelaere

Madé van Krimpen Gallery is pleased to present a solo presentation by Klaas Rommelaere (°1986, Roeselare, Belgium) on Art Rotterdam (booth 21). 

Klaas will be showing recent and new works from the series "Dark Uncles". The work is part of an ongoing series of hand-stitched tapestries and tactile sculptures inspired by a mixture of cult movies and personal memories. They are full of images, symbols and fragments of film scripts that are handstitched together to form a larger narrative. 

Rommelaere makes intricately embroidered tapestries and embroidered sculptures bridging the personal and the collective. The work tells tales of his lived experience. It is full of familiar images and symbols that represent both real and imagined human connections. Rommelaere works closely with a “tight-knit” group of 15 veteran craftswomen (‘The Madams’) to produce his pieces, for the last seven years he has depended on them to help bring his ideas to life.

Rommelaere inspired the title 'Dark Uncles' of the Netflix series The Outsider. "Dark Uncle" is slang for doppelgänger. Rommelaere sees the dolls as doppelgängers of his loved ones. 

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