Xiaoxiao Xu

Xiaoxiao Xu

Xiaoxiao Xu (1984, CN) was born in southeast Qingtian, China. As a teenager, she immigrated to the Netherlands and spending half her life here changed her view of China. As an artist, her work is very fluid and it is difficult to categorize as she is both an insider and an outsider. Her photography is also difficult to place; she chooses to shoot locations, people, and objects in a way that challenges viewers’ perceptions and succeeds in arousing confusion and conveying feelings of alienation. Undivorced from her personal history, in her work Xu, manages to create a comfortable balance between her origins and her present life. She graduated from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2009. 
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2021 ‘China dreams’, Museum Hilversum, NL

2021 ‘Best Photography Book Award’ PHotoESPAÑA, ES

2021 ‘Wenzhou’ FotoFestival Naarden’, NL

2021 ‘Photo Books’, Grassi museum of applied arts, Leipzig, DE

2020 ‘Jimei X Arles’, Xiamen China,Breda Photo, NL

2019 ‘West East’, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Miland, IT


2020 ‘Watering My Horse by a Spring at the Foot of the Long Wall’

2016 ‘Aeronautics in the Backyard’

2014 ‘The way to the golden mountain’