22.01.22 — 26.02.22

'Democracy’ is an exhibition based on Duran Lantink’s almost unseen fashion collection. The collection was created in collaboration with Bea Otte and serves as a strong example of how art can challenge and disrupt dominant social/political discourses, without making the world an uglier place. Although it mainly falls under the umbrella of fashion, it reaches far beyond that.

The collection was never officially launched and was only shown once at a fashion show, however, it was documented in a series of photographic prints. The tertiary colour Magenta is missing from the images due to Lantink running out of it on his printer. Despite the absence of the colour, he decided not to reprint the photographs, which resulted in the work taking on a new form of its own and unintentionally producing an array of images that play with viewers' sense of perception.

The photographs on show are strikingly muted, thought-provoking and compositionally refreshing. Visitors are given a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of fashion that is conceptually grounded, radical and innovative.

The show is supplemented by a Zine produced in a collaboration between Duran Lantink, Jurgen Maelfeyt of APE (Art Paper Editions) and Madé van Krimpen and is available for sale. The publication can be seen as a stand-alone artefact that compliments both the exhibition and the original collection.