11.05.22 — 11.06.22

The exhibition will open during Amsterdam Art Week to the public on 'Gallery Night' Thursday, May 12th (17:00-21:00), this will be followed by the ‘Artist Talk & Drinks’ which takes place on Saturday, May 14th (16:00-19:00). 

With Gradient, Van der Zwaag reflects on how subtle changes in natural and digital space can be shaped and manipulated into works of art. He approaches images and objects as flexible and dynamic, transforming them by hand into multi-textual and layered art forms. His videos and photographic work appear simple at first glance, but are part of a complex construction process that is often sculptural in nature and can be both interactive and static. The work on display is full of images that are familiar to the viewer, but at the same time take on new meaning as they are placed in a new context by means of electronic moving images. The exhibition has a visually poetic character and makes form and matter dance with each other in time and space.

Visual exploration by Rogier van der Zwaag

Rogier van der Zwaag (1982) is a Dutch visual artist working in Amsterdam. Each of his works is a new step in his search for synergy between image and sound, reality and fantasy. As a creative jack-of-all-trades, Rogier also made visuals for Nobody Beats the Drum, an important player in the Amsterdam electro-scene. While studying Image and Media Technology at the HKU in Utrecht, Rogier started experimenting with film, animation and photography.  

(Video Loop) ‘Platform’

Video clip, Grindin' 2010, created by Rogier van er Zwaag, the visual artist, of electro brand Nobody Beats the Drum, will also be displayed at the exhibition.