In a solo exhibtion, Klaas Rommelaere brings colour and warmth to our gallery with his woven arts. Rommelaere creates intricately embroidered tapestries and hand-stitched free-standing sculptures that tell the tale of his lived experience. Inspired by a mixture of cult movies and personal memories, Rommelaere’s works is full of images and symbols that point to both real and imagined objects and social interactions. Each piece takes time and love to produce, highlighting the importance of human connection in the creation and consumption of art.

To produce his works, Rommelaere works closely with a tight-knit, group of veteran craftswomen ('The Madams' ) to produce his pieces. For the last seven years, he has depended on them to help him bring his sketches and creative visions to life. 

Find here the catalog of the works.

About the artist