27.11.21  28.11.21

We are pleased to announce that we will be the final stop on this years  ‘Window Exhibition Tour’ created for the launch of Der Berliner Nacktkalender ‘22, the latest edition in The Nude Calendar Project by Lara Verheijden and Mark Stadman. From November 27 - 28 we will be showcasing the fruits of this Berlin flavoured art project in our gallery with limited edition prints, the calendar itself and Schlagers, Gluhwein und Wurst!

The Nude Calendar Project started in 2018 in Amsterdam with De Amsterdamse Naaktkalender (The Amsterdam Nude calendar) and is now changing to different cities & places in the rest of the world, in order to create an interesting series (Berlin, Seoul, Texas, Art Basel etc). This year the project takes place again in Berlin as Der Berliner Nacktkalender ’22.  Photographed all over the city, with Berlin residents, capturing the open minded vibe that Berlin is known for around the world and placing nudity in the public domain.. 

The ‘ordinary’ medium of the calendar is a perfect way to make nude art more accessible in a playful way; its affordability and functional use gives everyone the opportunity to have nude art photography in their everyday visual repertoire. 

With this  ‘Berliner themed’ walking tour & window exhibition through Amsterdam city centre The Nude Calendar Project plays again with the concept of nudity in the public domain, combining the shared image of these two European capital cities, both notoriously known for their radical open attitude towards sexuality. We are also glad to say that we will do our part to support the project; Both the calendar and prints of Lara’s work will be available to buy at our gallery.

Available works