25.11.20  16.01.21

Lisa Konno’s debut solo exhibition can loosely be described as a retrospective presenting re-interpretations of work that had been created over an extended period. Reworking her past collections into a new, unified narrative telling the story of immigrant fathers in the Netherlands through multiple mediums including photographic prints and physical samples of jackets from her past collections. The show is a compilation of repurposed and reformatted creative material which summarizes Konno’s journey and explores how her cultural background informed her distinct style.

The show also features two short films created in a collaboration with director Sarah Blok. One of the films; ‘NOBU’, was inspired by her father Nobuaki Konno and shows him reflecting on his experience as a Japanese immigrant in the Netherlands while wearing the collection she made for him. The other film ‘Baba’ shows a Turkish father talking about the role of migration in his life, their father/daughter relationship, loneliness and adaptation form the base of the story.