03.09.20  17.09.20

Upon opening in September 2020, the gallery held its debut exhibition showing the work of its first artist in residence, Quentley Barbara. The show was entitled ‘Famia’ which refers to the word ‘Family’ in Papiamento, the artist's native language. The show is made up of several bust-like sculptures depicting members of Barbra’s family, some of which were created onsite and constructed out of recycled cardboard and duct tape sourced from the streets surrounding the gallery. ‘Brian’, is one example of a piece produced by Barbara during his residency and stands out as being symbolic of his distinct style and as well as serving as an intimate portrait that pays tribute to Barbara’s cousin. 

"Brian is my 45-year old cousin. When I was young, he was mine and my brothers’ hairdresser, and he taught me how to cook some traditional signature dishes from Curaçao. Last year, he suffered from a stroke, which paralyzed the left side of his body. I see this portrait as a tribute to him and what he has been through." Quentley Barbara