We moved the ‘Superfan’ exhibition to The Green Room, right next to the gallery. Thanks to all the superfans we will extend the exhibition until Christmas 🎄
Prinsengracht 645, Amsterdam
Entrance designstore The Frozen Fountain


The exhibition playfully brings together different worlds, with participants paying tribute to the visual and musical artists that have inspired them. We show work by artists from diverse backgrounds, each using their own medium and styles (from painting and photography to sculpture) to create their unique contributions. Some are inspired by their favourite music and artworks, some by childhood memories and others by political views.

The featured work is by both established and upcoming artists Duran Lantink, Paul Kooiker, Iris Kensmil, Folkert de Jong, Emo Verkerk and Quentley Barbara, each very different in style yet all bringing their unique perspective to the overarching theme of the Superfan - artists depicting artists. 

Find here the catalog with the works.